Antartika Global

Jakarta, Indonesia


Logo Design, Brand identity, Brand Guideline, UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps.


Antartika Global is an aviation equipment provider company that needed to refresh its company’s image for aligning to a new leadership. They want to incorporate new values as well as strengthen its communication through new sets of brand guidelines.


Lukemala emphasizes its cross-cultural boundary breaking that often comes with these types of global companies. Brand communication can be a bit rough when it comes to communicating values to different kinds of audiences. So we chose this ambient blue color as a universal gesture of friendliness and acceptance, while still maintaining its professional prowess.


We give the overall logo an icy look to reflect Antarctica’s glaciers, but without making it feel cold. In fact, there’s a bit of warmth and playfulness both in its logogram and logotype to convey the progressive nature of the company.