A brief introduction to the semantics behind your brand’s design language

A good brand design should improve your brand’s value and significantly help your sales.

“People will not buy a product that they don’t understand.”

Brand Design is all about communication. A brand is like a person trying to communicate with another human. We need a language that people can easily understand. Visual elements (like shapes, colors, and composition between the two) are the most basic form of language. We can use those elements to communicate our brand’s value to our target audience.

Before we dive deeper into Brand Design, we need to settle on your brand’s objective, and the semantics behind your brand’s design language.

The key takeaway here is to listen to your audience’s metaphorical “language”. Look for their common language, then, speak in their language. If it’s about them, they’ll listen. Otherwise, it’ll be just another noise in an already noisy environment that nobody is even aware of.

First, we have to understand that people don’t care about your products. They care about the solution of their problems -that your brand happens to offer-.

In linguistics and literature, semantics are all about meaning behind the word. People should understand what you mean and what solution you offer to solve their specific problems.

Of a hundred white swans that swim across the lake, the black one always catches our eyes the most. It seems to have more character compared to the others. Don’t let your brand be the white one, indeed.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about how linguistics can actually help us in creating a powerful #BrandImpact.