Prologue: Introduction to Brand Story

Hello Readers! Welcome to our first journal post!

Starting from today, we’re going to share everything about how Brand Design and Storytelling can benefit your brand’s value. This prologue section is an introduction to Brand Storytelling for you to be able to create an effective #BrandImpact.

We’ll try to update our journal regularly. It will be an interesting ride, so stay tuned and check us back often!

“To read” is to understand the story behind the words. It transcends visuals by aiming straight through our minds -and sometimes, hopefully- reaches our hearts. Everything around us tells a different story. Whether it’s intentional or not. We can “read” them if we’re perceptive enough. The same applies to your Brand. People will “read” it whether you like it or not. Be very aware of what you want to tell to your audience, and how to tell it.

That’s where Visual Graphic Design AND Copywriting takes an important role for your Brand.

Story keeps your Brand in motion. It flows, and draws your audience to it. There are 3 steps to keep your Brand in motion; Intention, Energy, and Movement. Lukemala wants to tell you a brief 3-chapter-story about visual-storytelling, and how you can use it to your brand’s advantage. We promise to make it an interesting reading experience 🙂 

So, hold on tight! Tomorrow, we’ll dive straight into the First Chapter.