Edwin Indera Waskita

Creative Director - Architect

Edwin is a proud Bachelor of Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan. On His final project, his work has appraised by several professional architects and received a Honorable Award. Having won several architecture competitions of both national and international grade, and also sharpened by student organizational experiences to manage, direct, and cooperate. He decided to come with his own terms and moves in his on pace, hence the birth of this creative studio.

His forte lies in his ability to adapt and situate himself in cooperation and brainstorming. He is analytical, slow boil and custom-tailored at best when designing as he wants the design not to only brings out the main architectural concept, but also reflects the true characters of the user.

This Basketball enthusiast also have interests in collecting action figure and model-kit, he consider that hobbies to keep honing his creative soul. You guys just need to be careful with his absurd jokes that sometimes can break the ice, but more often to ruin it. He’s unfunny at best and a frost joker at worst. At least he tried.

Aditya Wardana

Project Manager - Photographer

Adit is a photographer based in Jakarta whose work focuses on nature, product, fashion, portraiture, and pre-wedding. He chose to collaborate with his childhood friends for establish this Creative Studio.

He attended Universitas Padjajaran in Bandung, Indonesia, and received a Bachelor's degree in Communication with a specialization in Marketing Communication. When he was in college, he used to make a short movie with his friends. Until his short movie was chosen to be the best in an anti-drug campaign. He has also been a speaker at a social media campaign that organized by United Nations Population Fund.

In his spare time, he used it for hunting photo or playing FIFA with his friends. He is a World Class FIFA Player, on his own mind.

Muhammad Dhani Fadhlilah

Finance - Videographer

A humble man known as Dhani, Diploma in Accounting from Politeknik Negeri Jakarta and studied Management in Universitas Indonesia. Initially started his career in accounting field as well as many accounting graduated students supposed to. After about a  year, he found out that his passion was not belong to that field. Finally in early 2016, he took his way out by resigning from company he worked on.
Soon afterward, he focused only things that he love. He love to making music and has a big interest in visual beautifulness (such as, product design, videography, motion graphic). He found out that his passion is about creating beautiful things that people could enjoy. So he chose to collaborate with his childhood friends for establish this Creative Studio. 
In free time, he love to read and watching either fictional or real stories and dreaming all the time. Among his many abilities, fanatic with the past becomes his fairly likes. Or so-called hard to move on.

Rucita Inez Shabrina


Inez is a Bachelorette of Japanese literature graduated form Universitas Padjajaran. She always has a thing for something unusual and and unique, and Japan has most, if not, all of the fanciest hence her purpose of studying. Language and culture are as means to an end for her, learning another culture cultivatesher inner curiosity and that's the begining of her discoveries.
Being a former member of many extracurricular organizations, she's adept in soft skills, tactful, and is capable to manage herself with stream of data and projects. She is light in character and resonates well with any colors people may bring, which makes it easy for her to socially integrate. Although seemingly flightly, she is very well grounded as she anchors herself and a team in neat, detailed, and organized schedules or plans.
In her free, she doodles, and noodles too. A lot. Outside of work and all the pressure there is universe, deep down she'd rather sleep on the weekend and wish life can be less serious.

Windi Romania

UI/UX Designer

Windi graduated as a graphic designer from Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. She always knew she was born to design. She is currently occupied designing and forging UI/UX as her daily bread. She plans and strategizes a better design and interface to further satisfies users. Creatively, she mostly leaves her marks in typography wrapped in simplicity.

Cognitively nocturnal, she got a breath ideas while most have clocked out mentally. She unwinds when she needs to get inspired by hiking and skateboarding.

Fog, rainbow, and sun, she chose the cloudy smirry rain that shrouds like mist cloak.

Ardi Hira Setiawan / Rhein13

Graphic Designer - Artist

Ardi is a double major student at Jakarta Institute of the Arts in graphic design and fine art.
As a youngster who is looking for a new experience on the desk as a graphic designer, he is able to work under any circumtances, fast learner, respect the deadline like his bestfriend, and love to play with spray paint.
He is the founder of Fill The Blank, Indonesia-Belgium based graffiti crew. He is also working as a sneaker customizer at Sepatuduatiga®. In 2016, he was invited to join forces with KRS® (Kings Rocking Society) crew Los Angeles, US.

Sneakers freak, that made him as a three stripes and swoosh family. Originals only.

Michael Yohanes Laij


Mike, we call him, is a Bachelor of Architecture graduated from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan. He was active in student organizations throughout his university life, most notably student presidential council and architecture students council. He joined Lukemala to grow together as a team and expand his networks.

As an architect and as a person, he wears his heart on his sleeves. For him, designing is a process of subliming feelings and ideas into a physical mass. He will try to get to know you before deciding to put anything on a paper. He’s slow and sensitive in his approach but is very perceptive of hints and people’s characters. While he, himself, is a ultra practical and very technically-inclined, he welcomes unusual, dreamy ideas, as it usually becomes his goal to turn them into reality.

On another depth of description, he is a solitare in character and is mostly clueless about contemporary pop culture and celebrities, sadly.