Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva is a private house project located in an upclass residential complex in Depok.  The residential units are mostly mass produced and lacking originality, a common problem for most if not all resdiential complex. The demand was to create something original in somewhat vapid greenland but remains aligned, not overly cosmeticized architecturally which fits modern design.
The central theme is for this house revolves around the word, ‘openness’ and is manifested in its architectural elements. The structural columns are elongated and thin so they don’t look massive, they are also placed to fit on the corner of rooms, to create a nuance of an open grid-free space. The horizontal plan is flowing with most rooms are separated by thin flexible panels that allow mix function but retain their individualities. Vertically, they house is connected by mezzanine and vides to enhance the connectivity and openness of space created. The openness has its boundaries, though, as in the bedrooms the panels turn into solid walls that hold the user’s privacy. The twist of this design is its openness has its own boundaries and rules as seen it is placed in the hook but remain fixed and open to one side: to abide by the mass but remain as an individual on its own.

Architecture + Interior Design


Private House 

Building Area

362 m

Site Area

450 m2


Kelapa Dua, Depok