UJAN is a renovation project located in close proximity to several universities that calls for mainly young students for the main consumers. The concept for the design should be close to that of youth culture and preferred contemporary modernistic trend, hence an industrial theme was chosen.
Industrialism is a foreign concept brought by the western culture post revolutionary industry. Being an alien to the existing culture, concrete, and steel can be strong and cold on their own. We chose to integrate by using wood as the chosen material as the bridge to the culture gap, the love of wood is after all, universal. Introducing the new looks to the old, existing buildings can be quite a challenge for the new kid on the block. Although we wanted to stand out, we chose to remain humble by adapting to the façade to the surroundings. We believe the success of design is in the integration not by own beauty of its own.


Architecture + Interior Design



Restaurants & Bars 

Building Area

340 m

Site Area

480 m


Ciputat, Tangerang