Tunas Mentari Preschool

Tunas Mentari is a building project that functions as a kindegarten located in Ciputat, Tangerang. This building was designed as an extension to the existing sports hall building. Placed and situated in a very adult neighborhood that hosts residential, mix-use, and universities, Tunas Mentari ideally should selectively isolate, rather tries to functionally integrate with the surroundings. However, it was a challenge we had to take to create a nurturing environment for children in a rather vapid wasteland.
The main theme for Tunas Mentari kindergarten is ‘growth’. The keyword ‘growth’ becomes the pivot of all design concept from the space to function. Classrooms don’t just become a strict place to study and listen to the teacher, rather a place to be creatively grow. Classrooms have their own ‘labs’ for the children to see their own works, be it from growing some plants or doodlings. Sport activities are supported by using the rooftop as an open sportshall as there is limited space in the site and it is more secure in children supervision. The design aspects of a kindergarten should be selectively monitored as it is a place for children to learn, to play, and most importantly, to grow. 

Architecture + Interior


Educational Building

Site Area

800 m

Building Area

420 m


Ciputat, Tangerang