Providence Apartment Unit 11B

The project is located in Jl. Kalimaya around Permata Hijau Area. The apartment has four main towers from A to D with each has 33 floors. Providence Apartment is an uplcass high rise residential that each unit has at least 250m square with 3 main bedrooms and is designed to replace, if not, imitate, living in a real house. Located in the quiet residential complex and lush in green areas, the apartment itself and the environment really support the way of modern urban living.
The apartment of unit 11B was initially a short project involving only the fitting out of master bedroom and living areas. As the project progressed, the demands became increasingly complex and global, the architect turned out to design the whole unit. The design is rich in details rather than trying to be different and eccentric. The play of copper lines, marbles, and padded fabrics are the main materials for every architectural elements. The owner was very peculiar in cleanliness and meticulous in details, hence the thematic nuance is monochromatic ranging from ecru to bone but never truly white or black in contrast. The shades of white and combination of every element sparks cleanliness, crisp details, and surprisingly, a character that embodies the user.

Interior Design



Upclass Apartment


250 m


Permata Hijau, Jakarta

Associated with

Idrissamad Architect