My Warung

My Warung is a café and restaurant project located in two places in Bali: Canggu and Echo Beach. Both are tourist’s spots with mostly expatriates live around the area. My Warung Canggu is livelier and is a hotspot for green living, which is quite popular around there, hence the restaurant is bigger. However, Echo Beach is more quiet and placed near a paddy field and a beach. Though smaller, My Warung Echo Beach sells a more homey feel and is more intimate.
The very concept of My Warung is an architectural manifestation of wabisabi, though some may sway from the concept, the majority of design is centralized in it. Wabisabi, in a nutshell, is the art of imperfection, some may call it, or in a shallower term ‘as natural as it is’. The walls are hand brushed with unfinished strokes with an added sand for a texture. The furnitures were bought as is, they were simply just cleaned and left unpolished. The main doors were old doors reframed and put as is in the entrance. Even the outdoor deck were made from unpolished ulin woods. The architect always had a thing for plants, he showered the place with plants to overwhelm the users to experience nature. My Warung is basically a warung, but built by architects!

Facade + Interior



Restaurants & Bars

Site Area

200 m

Building Area

84 m


Cangu, Bali

Associated  with

idrissamad architects