Lariangi Resto

Once, Lariangi was a beautiful dance to welcome and accompany the royalties. Lariangi dancers consist of twelve female dancers and they are manifested in the form of round pillars meant to enhance the feminine attribute. The dance of Lariangi is one of the cultural heritage of Wakatobi and we are more than honored to put a dignified heritage into a physical mass.
Functions as a place to satiate your palate, LARIANGI is a restaurant concept that tries to manifest both Wakatobi and ‘Nusantara’. Nusantara is manifested in the open plan with the main circulation that is an analogue of a ship that  connects all ‘islands’ (room), much like Wakatobi doesn’t consist of only an island, but is of many. Placement of multiple entrances become a welcoming concept that all customers are to be served without discrimination, much like the diverse people in Nusantara.
Through these two concept of Nusantara and Lariangi, we are transforming the concept into serving the customers as if they’re  royalties—just like how the dance should be performed—without discrimination for diversity.





100 m2


Wangi-wangi, Wakatobi

Held by

PT Propan raya, Ministry of Tourism, BEKRAF