Jifana Resort

Jifana resort is a building project that functions as a recreational spot located in Pahawang, Lampung. The site is a spot that has a potential to grow in attracting many tourists. The main selling point is its clean sandy beach and clear water that makes shallow ocean floor visible. Aside from its environmentally supportive factor, its quiet and serene atmosphere amplifies the getaway feel of this site.
Our main concept is to create a getaway resort that doesn’t feel like it’s rented for, rather, it should feel like a home for the user. We start with the interior feel of it: the ‘studio’ bedroom with a wood mood, soft colors, and darker gentle undertone that’s easy on the eyes. In order to achieve the flexibility and wide array of activities, we try to architecturally contain these by creating an open space on the second floor. This open space can be used as a place to do social gathering (for the guests of the user) or simply to enjoy the view to the ocean. By being able to support such activities, the design expects the user to feel at ease to initiate intimacy, be it with another user, or with the environment.


Architecture + Interior Design


Suite Types water bungalow 


Unit 36 mwith replicability


Pahawang Island, Lampung