Cognitive Perception Center

Cognitive Perception Centre is a project for Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2015. The main theme was ‘architecture with heart’, it was meant to encourage young architects to promote humanity in designing. It asked us to design with a proper heart and evoke the sense of belonging and togetherness in the community to prevent discrimination of any kind. The project was, in the nutshell, to use architecture as a tool in hope to socially unite and blend the communities.

The site was located on a park in Hegarmanah, Bandung, of which has a very specific phenomena relevant to the theme. The park is a meeting point of two different demographics, segmented by their financial prowess. It is an alien place created in between the lush of upscale urban residential and the low-end ‘vernacular’ housings. The difference in social culture also creates yet another strong contrast: the individual urban residents meet the socially gregarious natives.

The main theme for Cognitive Perception Centre is ‘Sensing’. Having the users are disabled in sensory system, the theme calls for a concept that the environment and users are able to interact and supervise each other.  Supervision is necessary when handling a disabled, hence this place has no blind spot and security can be achieved at ease.

Architecture + Landscape Design


Community Center

Building Area

2100 m

Site Area

5200 m


Hegarmanah, Bandung

Held by

Nippon Paint


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