Bleu Resto

BLEU is a building that functions as a restaurant that serves fish meats that puts priority in the freshness of the product, of which these aspects became our central theme in designing. Much like fish that has a degree of flexibility in its movement, we create a builing that looks and feels flexible by its own. The plan is made to curve to a certain extent but nothing overkill that it seems ‘boneless’. Several areas are made to feel ‘different’ such as innercourt and ‘contemplative pool’, we appreciate the diverse range of experience users would want to feel and application of these variety can be felt throughout the building.  BLEU tries to swim against the current. We ditched the concept of overly industrial, much like nowaday’s typical café and would rather go the other-way-authentic. It is not an aquarium to see fish, but rather, a place to experience fish.

Architecture + Interior


Restaurants & Bars

Site Area

380 m

Building Area

210 m


Senopati, Jakarta