Dreams and Reality

Architecture student nowadays tend to rely on the existing references, it would result in a decrease of imagination in designing an architectural composition. The place where they learn about design should provide a space for their experiment in creating an architectural space, at least for their own. The concept of Dreams & Reality refers to the probability of that is given to each student in realizing their imaginations about place making.

In order to make the learning more effective, work space  where they learn and gather give the opportunity for individually designed by them as a user. Interaction between students can be entwined well to create the common room, as well as his personal space without disturbing others. The method is reasonably capable to supporting the freedom of each student in their imagination,  at the same time give a  restriction against reality. The aim is for the architectural form  could embody the human and not just an experiments from the architect's ego.

 Architecture + Landscape Design



Educational Building

Building Area

12000 m

Site Area

40000 m


Aarhus, Denmark

Held by

Newaarch School of Architecture

Partnership with

Evan Adi, Tidar Albarkah, Raihan